Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy Calendar bookmarks for Ohio libraries

The Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy Calendar provides young children and their caring adults a song, video, activities, and book suggestions for every day of the year. Each day, visitors to will see a new set of activities for today's date.

A service of the State Library of Ohio in collaboration with Ohio Ready to Read, Day By Day Ohio supports early literacy skills, helps young children get ready for school, and is available 24/7.

Day By Day Ohio bookmarks are now available for you to distribute to families at storytime, from the children’s or circ desk, at outreach events, or any way you choose. Check out the bookmark design.

Supplies are limited. Ohio public library workers may request any amount (in 50s) from 50-1000 for their library to distribute. They will be shipped from State Library by Priority Dispatch or alternate methods.

Complete this form to request bookmarks:

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