Groundwork Ohio Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship

Groundwork Ohio, a statewide organization that advocates for high-quality early learning and healthy development strategies, announces the third annual Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship cohort.

If you have a passion for services to young children and their families, consider applying for this statewide leadership opportunity!

Julia Shaheen, Literacy Manager at Stark Library, is in the current Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship cohort. Emily Rozmus, INFOhio Senior Instructional Specialist, was in the inaugural Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship cohort. They encourage other librarians with a strong interest in early learning to apply.

Julia writes:
“Joining the Groundwork Ohio cohort this year has been a great experience. I have learned more about the legislative process and been able to understand a little more. It’s been great to share my work in the library world with those in childcare and other early childhood organizations who may not realize all that we do. It’s been interesting to learn we all struggle with similar aspects, and we all want the best for young children and their families. I highly recommend applying for the next cohort. It will give you a new perspective and a chance to work with people outside the library.”

And Emily writes:
“I am so glad I was chosen to be a part of the Groundwork Leadership Fellowship for 2020. Despite a shift in goals due to a worldwide pandemic, the team at Groundwork rose to the occasion, providing us with foundational knowledge and advocacy training to be a voice for the youngest citizens in Ohio... the Groundwork Leadership Fellowship was a bright spot where I was able to not only share my background in education and libraries, but also grow in my experience in the early learning sphere. I highly recommend this for public librarians who support youth programs in Ohio.“

Early Childhood Leadership Fellows develop in-depth knowledge of early childhood systems in Ohio, build leadership skills, gain a better understanding on how to be a successful advocate for Ohio's infants, toddlers, families, and communities, and network with a diverse group of early childhood professionals.

This fellowship is a one-year commitment and there is a $1500 program tuition fee. Financial assistance may be available, and prospective applicants are urged to apply regardless of financial need.

Program benefits, learning outcomes, qualifications, time commitment and expectations, and application materials:
The deadline to apply for the Fellowship is Friday, November 5th by 5:00 pm.

If you have any questions about the Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship, contact Julia Jackels at


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